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MAY 09, 1984




Eddie Lee Wilson was tried in the Circuit Court of Copiah County on a charge of attempted rape. The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and the court imposed a sentence of ten years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Wilson appeals, assigning as error that the trial court:

 I. Overruled defendant's motion to suppress his statement.

 II. Refused to admit the entire medical record of the defendant.

 III. Overruled defendant's motion to suppress identification testimony.

 IV. Denied defendant's motion for mistrial when the state allegedly buttressed the in-court identification testimony of the prosecutrix.

 V. Denied defendant's requested instructions.

 VI. Granted the state's requested instructions.

 Further, Wilson argues the verdict was against the overwhelming weight of the evidence and was the result of bias, prejudice and passion.

 On December 30, 1977, two men entered a grocery store owned by the prosecutrix and her husband. The prosecutrix was alone in the store. Suddenly one of the men darted behind the counter where the prosecutrix was standing and grasped her arms from the back while his accomplice stood in front of the counter and pointed a gun at her. The assailant who was standing behind her then took the money from the cash register and put it into his pockets.

 He again seized the back of the prosecutrix's arms and led her to the back door of the store. She complied with his order to remove the bolt, and he forced her outside. She testified that at that point

 . . .he turned and faced me and grabbed at me and said:" Don't you want to * * * me? "and then took his hand and rammed it down in my pants and rammed his finger into my vagina. Then out the back, I was trying to kind of move a little bit and he would bring me back this way, then pull me back over this way. Then he started taking me out toward my garden fence.

 She testified further,

 He got over that fence and was trying to pull me through, and I caught that top barbed wire fence and I was just holding to it. . . .I did not want to be pulled through there. I did not know what he might do to me. I was hoping I would get a chance to get away. Well, in a few seconds, he did turn loose, and he went running all out through my garden. (R. 286-87)

 Wilson and Wells were arrested in Claiborne County on Saturday, January 7, 1978.

 Confined in the Copiah County Jail on charges of robbery and attempted rape, Wilson notified Sheriff Earl Guess on January 8 that he wished to give a statement. Wilson was then brought into the sheriff's office where Guess advised him of his Miranda rights. Having stated that he understood these rights, Wilson gave an oral statement in the presence of Guess and his secretary, Janice Pitts. Deputy Sheriff Thomas Way made intermittent appearances during the taking of the statement.

 After Wilson concluded, Ms. Pitts typed the statement from her shorthand notes. Since Wilson professed difficulty reading, Guess read the statement to him. Wilson then signed the statement.

 After a hearing on the issue, the court ruled the statement was freely and voluntarily given after the defendant had been advised of his constitutional rights and had made an effective waiver thereof. The motion to suppress was therefore overruled and the statement was admitted into evidence as set out below:

 My name is Eddie Lee Wilson and I am 21 years old and I live at Rt. 2, Box 18, Patterson, MS. On December 30, I left Port Gibson with Lafayette Wells and Larry Appeleton and went to Barlow down 547 turned off at Thetford's Store. Then we went to Mr. Dixon's store and went up that lil ole road and by-pased the store twice and we stopped. Then Larry asked Lafayette what we were fixing to do and Lafayette said we fixing to hit the store. And Larry said wait just a minute. Larry said let me go up the road and turn around and come back to the store and get some gas and when we come back to the store Lafayette said lets go in the store and I went in and got a bag of Skins and she asked us did we want any gas and I told her no'm and I went back out and Lafayette nodded his head at me to go into the store and then when he nodded his head at me both of us went back in the store. When we went in the store, Lafayette had his hood down over his head in his mouth and said hold it lady, this is a holdup. So I say you better do what he says and she said what you want. Lafayette said the money. Lafayette said get the money man and she pulled the cash register open and then I said this all whats in the cash register. I got everything in the cash register and he say some more, some more. She say its in the third drawer and I pull the drawer open and get the money and Lafayette said lets go out the back way. I grabbed the lady going to the back. When I caught hold of her and she said what you fixing to do now? I say we going out the back way so when we got to the back door we went out the back. Me and her went around to the other side and I see somebody in a pick-up and I run back on the on the other side and I looked and did not see anybody. Then so I broke through the fence and I was still pulling on her and I fell on the fence and then when I got up I was going through the fence and I turned her arm aloose. I went around 3 fences after then and came out into a road and Lafayette and Larry Appleton picked me up down the road by a church. We got back to Lafayette's house and split the money up. I got $430.00. When we split the money we went to a place called Tillman. And thats the way it happened. (R. 352-A & B)

 Wilson now argues the court's ruling was error.

 The record shows Ms. Pitts, Deputy Way and Sheriff Guess testified that Wilson was not induced to make the statement by any threats, promises, coercion or abuse. Further, Deputy Sheriff Onnie Bell Sellers, who was called in to witness Wilson's signature, testified that no threats, ...

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